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Japanese Knotweed Growing next to Guardrail
What is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese knotweed is a pernicious, evil plant. While it looks harmless, it is anything but – as the people of England and the greater United Kingdom have known for decades.

An invasive species, Japanese knotweed can kill all plants around it, poison pets, and, most scarily, crack the very foundation of your home. What is more, while state and local governments are cracking down on the problem and offering help, the issues are mounting. The devaluation to your home and the headaches it can cause are legion.

We can help.

We are Japense Knotwood Experts

Your Knotweed Solution: Experienced Professionals at Your Service

We have the experience, the contact with experts, and the know how to help you to deal with the problem – whether it was caused by a developer, a neighbor, a previous owner, or spread from government-owned land.

We are at the cutting edge of Japanese knotweed litigation, and can consult, advise, and represent you in dealing with this nasty problem.

Please, contact us with all your questions and concerns about Japanese knotweed. Initial consultation is free.

stems and leaves of Japanese Knotweed