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John Mateus
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Meet Attorney John G. Mateus, Esq

A native of Woburn, Massachusetts, John G. Mateus, Esq. is an attorney licensed to practice in both Massachusetts and New York state, as well as in the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous other federal courts.

Mr. Mateus graduated from Columbia Law School in 2007. He subsequently served as a federal district court clerk for the Honorable Terrence W. Boyle in the Eastern District of North Carolina. He began his current solo practice in 2014. Mr. Mateus is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA) and the Massachusetts Association of Trial Attorneys (MATA). He volunteers regularly for the Massachusetts Dial-A-Lawyer program run by the MBA.

Mr. Mateus has represented numerous clients at both the trial and and appellate level, and in both state and federal court.  He is proud to have gained for his clients the first jury award in Massachusetts history for Japanese knotweed.

Featured Press

Mr. Mateus has had articles written about his legal representation in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Fortune Magazine, and the Boston Globe

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