First Amendment

The Law Offices of John G. Mateus, Esq. is a strong supporter of our First Amendment civil rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.  We believe that no speech is beyond the pale to be spoken among grown adults and no assembly of the people should be barred, so long as they are not inciting immediate violence or causing immediate danger. There is no such thing as “hate” speech, and you cannot be punished or threatened for “hate” speech.

In Massachusetts, state law protects your rights to free speech and free assembly to a strong degree. Any individual–whether public or private– who interferes with your right to free speech or free assembly is liable to you. To be clear: in Massachusetts, even a private individual cannot abridge or threaten your First Amendment rights.

If someone—government official, agency, or private individual— has threatened you for wanting to exercise your First Amendment rights of Free Speech & Free Assembly, or has attacked you while you exercised your rights, they are liable. Furthermore, if you have been arrested for asserting or defending your First Amendment rights to free speech and free assembly, we can defend you. Contact us immediately at 617-475-0158 for a free consultation on your rights and what steps you can take.

Rightfully and legally punish those who attack your First Amendment rights. Don’t let your civil rights be violated. The law is on your side.