Great Legal Joke of the Day: Cattle Call

John G. Mateus, Esq.

A ranch hand consulted a lawyer. He had long tended a rancher’s cattle, and believed the herd would his when the rancher died. But the rancher’s son was claiming ownership over the ranch hand.

“I’ll take your case,” said the lawyer to the ranch hand. “Don’t worry about the cattle.”

The next day the farmer’s son came in. The cattle was raised on his land, he said, and therefore the cattle should be his.

“I’ll take your case,” said the lawyer, “Don’t worry about the cattle.”

Surprised, the lawyer’s young paralegal spoke to him later that day. “How can we take both sides of this case? And how can the cattle belong to both men?”

The lawyer gave him a knowing look.  “Don’t worry about the cattle,” the lawyer said. “The cattle will be ours.”

red-river-ending John Wayne and Montgomery Clift in Red River.

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