Great Legal Joke of the Day: Make a Wish

John G. Mateus, Esq.

An old man lay dying in the hospital, having only a few days left. When they asked him if he had any final wishes, he said that he wanted to become an attorney, and wondered if he had time to pass the bar.

Well, his family called the state bar and they decided to grant the dying man his wish. They made special arrangements to give him honorary passage of the bar and waive him into practice. They hurriedly whipped up a certificate and had a judge and a clerk go over to swear him in.

The clerk presented him with the certificate, and the judge swore him in on the spot, with the whole hospital wing cheering. A local reporter was on the scene, and afterwards asked the old man if  he was happy now that his wish had come true.

The old man smiled, kissed the bar certificate…

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